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If you are thinking about purchasing your first home you are probably wondering what type of credit score you need to be approved for a mortgage loan. This depends on the lender you go through and other factors as well, including your income, assets, and how big of a down payment you can afford. The following is some general information related to credit scores and home mortgages.

Large lenders often impose a minimum credit score requirement of around 620. This is fairly low, considering the average credit score in America is 780 as of the most recent data, and anything below credit score of 650 is considered to be a less than optimal for loan qualification. However qualifying for a loan is just part of the process. If your credit score is low, oftentimes your interest rates will be higher. Large lenders often charge higher fees for credit scores below 740, which get increasingly higher with each 20-point drop. Because of this, it is a good idea to work to improve your credit score as much as you can before applying for a home mortgage. You can start to do this by setting a budget and sticking to it, paying off your debts one at a time, and paying all of your bills in full and on time. If your credit score is low because you do not have very much credit history you can work to build your credit history before applying for a home mortgage loan. Start by opening up a credit card and put on only charges you can pay off each month. Pay your bill on time to start building a good history of credit payment. You can also build your credit history with other types of loans as well.

If your credit score falls below the acceptable score for mortgage approval you are not necessarily out of luck. The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) accepts some credit scores as low as 580, however it is a challenge to be approved. The good news is that if you are approved for an FHA loan, there are not additional surcharges based on your score. Be aware that less than four percent of loans approved by the FHA are to individuals with credit scores below 620. It is likely that the applicants that are approved with low credit scores also have a large income and a significant down payment for the home. This is another illustration of why it is very important to improve and maintain your credit score before applying for a home mortgage.

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